Oat-mail Kit

If you liked this post about mailing a drink named after a happy little bird, then you’re also going to like what I have for you today.

Yesterday was the last day of InCoWriMo. It really has been a challenge, especially with sicknesses and work schedule changes. You’ll have to forgive me for being late with this. It just wasn’t happening on time this month.

So for my 29th day of consecutive mailings, I’m sending another food kit. But this time, instead of a drink, I’m mailing oatmeal!


It’s another Trim Healthy Mama recipe called Sweet Dreams Cookie Bowl Oatmeal that I found in the THM cookbook, and it’s amazing! As always, I tweak recipes to make them my own, and I think this oatmeal tastes just like no bake cookies in a bowl. It has seriously changed my mornings. (I highly recommend getting the cookbook and trying out the THM plan.)

I’ve been telling some friends that they need to try this, and I figured the best way to share a great recipe with them is just to send them all of the ingredients. So here they are, ready to go in their little package.



Sadly, once I wrapped the box and took it to the post office, I forgot to take a picture. I only had my phone with me and had no more room on my phone for pictures. But it was wrapped beautifully!

I hope the recipient enjoys this oatmeal kit and finds this to be an easy way to try a new recipe.

What recipe would you consider mailing to a friend or loved one? Can you think of anything I should try?
Tell me in the comments below!

Drink in a box

Happy Wednesday, folks! We’re halfway through the week – woohoo! – and I’m over halfway through InCoWriMo. (Click here to learn what the heck that is.)

Today I’m showing you something that I mailed last week. I think it’s pretty cool, but first the {very short} back story.


About a year and a half ago, a friend introduced me to Trim Healthy Mama, a way of eating that eliminates sugar and simple carbs and teaches how to control blood sugar levels through a high protein, low-glycemic diet.

More than just about losing weight, THM also helps to heal the body. The two sisters who authored the plan and the book by the same name have created several recipes that do SO much good for the body.

One such recipe is the Singing Canary.
[enter harp music and heavenly lights descending onto this beautiful drink]

Photo used with permission from Trim Healthy Mama. Check out the link to see how you can make your own!

I won’t even attempt to tell you exactly how many wonderful things this drink does for the body, but I will just leave this link here so that you can explore it for yourself.

I love this drink! I’ve been telling so many friends about it. I’ve really wanted to just make them one, but most of the people I’m telling about it don’t live anywhere near me.


Cue the mail.

I have created a drink in a box.

A drink. In a BOX!

My goal was to send one of my friends a simple version of this drink. This meant I didn’t want her to have to peel, blend and squeeze the lemons. (She is a super busy mom, after all.) So I just sent her one of those lemons of pre-squeezed juice.


^^^ See all those goodies up there? All of the other ingredients are in small baggies, and all she has to do is add water and vanilla. I added a fun note and wrapped the box in my favorite paper before shipping it off to her.


With a drink-in-a-box like this, who wouldn’t want to try it? I promise, this stuff is good, good, good! And with this mail kit, it’s also super easy.


Mail Tip: if you ship one of these, be sure to tell the USPS that there’s liquid enclosed. It’s kind of illegal not to tell them. Eek!

Trim Healthy Mamas, would you consider making a kit like this to send to a friend you’ve been telling about THM?

Non-THMs, what do you think? Would you try a drink kit if someone sent it to you?

TELL ME in the comments below.

On sugar and worms …

I love me some sugar. And I love me some worms, too, but today I’m writing about the sugar-variety and not the kind that roam the dirt.

I’ve recently been reading this book about some healthy eating recommendations. (They make so much sense, and I highly recommend the book.) One of the recommendations is cutting out sugars and artificial sweeteners and using other sweeteners instead.

So I’ve recently started using this stevia blend in our home. I really like the stuff, and when we used up the first container, I saved it.


I mean – it’s just so perfect for mailing. It’s sturdy and clear with that awesome purple, flip-top lid. Yes!


When I started brainstorming something to mail inside it, I wanted something colorful. Well, I have a mega-size bag of gummy worms left over from our birth announcements, and I need to get rid of them. Those worms are seriously cool-looking. “Those would look fantastic,” I thought.


And I was right!


I added some Halloween stickers, and these are going out to our pediatrician’s office and a former coworker to leave on her desk.

Because of the size of the containers, I’m adding a small postage sticker from the post office instead of using stamps which would take up more space. I can’t wait until everybody receives their worms!


What other clever containers would be great for mailing?
I’ve got some ideas and can’t wait to share more with you!