Friday Favorites – pins for fun mailboxes

Next in the series of Friday favorites is a set of pins. Pins of beautiful mailboxes!

Do YOU have a pretty mailbox? Me either. So I might be coveting a little right now.

I would love to have a cool mailbox, whether purchased or self-decorated. Check out these awesome boxes I found for a little red flag to accompany.

Outdoor Theme has so many great ideas for adding life to your mailbox. I am especially loving these cheerfully painted ones above.

And what about this deco mesh mailbox cover? It’s just like those cool wreaths everybody has now. The DIY for the mailbox cover is located over on Trendy Tree.

Have you ever thought about making the inside of your mailbox attractive? Neither had I, but now I want to! The people over at Beach Bliss Living have tracked down some mailboxes that make getting the mail every day seem downright fun. (I mean, it is anyway, right?)

Part of me knows that I might get bored with the same mailbox over time, or just want to change it with the seasons. Which is why I love the idea of these magnetic mailbox covers. Clever, right? Check out the other creations at this shop over at Etsy called Simply Southern. Sadly, my current mailbox is plastic. If I want one of these, I’m going to have to get a new mailbox completely.

But I love all of these, and now I desperately want a pretty mailbox.

Happy Friday, everyone!