Friday’s Fun Foods – April 2016

Welcome to the very first round of Friday’s Fun Foods! 

Today I’m combining two great things – mail and food! Who’s in?

I mentioned last month that I love food holidays, and I really do. So once a month, I’ll help you get prepped on which fun food holidays are coming up so you can brighten someone’s day with them.

April has some interesting food holidays. Check these out:

  • April 2  National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
  • April 5 National Caramel Day
  • April 11 National Cheese Fondue Day
  • April 16 National Eggs Benedict Day
  • April 20 Lima Bean Respect Day (who knew?!)
  • April 22 National Jelly Bean Day
  • April 23 National Picnic Day
  • April 29 National Shrimp Scampi Day
  • April 30 National Raisin Day

Of course, there are more food holidays than these, and there are so many possibilities for mail! Here are some ideas to get you started.

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day


Check out the pic at the bottom of this post. I’ve got mailing labels directly onto the jar of peanut butter. (Plastic jar, of course.) Make sure you get the whipped peanut butter that’s less than 16 ounces. It’s in a different mail category and is cheaper to mail!


Or if you have a PB&J-loving friend who eats gluten-free, you can mail these. The box may get dented in the mail, but how fun to get a box of fun treats just like this in the mailbox!

National Caramel Day


It is true that you can mail a bag. I have one ready to go. But I also put some caramels in a clean juice bottle. The postage can go right on the bottle, and your recipient will be delighted to find this in the mailbox. (Don’t do this in super hot weather. Caramels can be like chocolate and get too soft in hot weather.)


National Jelly Bean Day


Yet again, you CAN mail a bag of candy as is. This bag is actually a great example of one to mail. The extra air inside prevents the candy from getting smashed. Just add address labels and postage, and send it on its merry way! Side note, I think this looks like the yummiest bag of jelly beans!

National Raisin Day


This 6-pack of boxes will mail well! I’m adding some extra packaging tape around it to make sure the labels and postage don’t come off.

Here are some things I have ready to go for April.


What food holidays will you celebrate with friends and family?
Tell me in the comments!

National Grape Popsicle Day

That’s right!

Wednesday, May 27th is National Grape Popsicle Day.

In preparation of this exciting food holiday, I’m sending out some of these awesome 3D postcards.



They were super easy to make, and I’m sure the kids receiving them will love to get this piece of fun mail, especially since I’m letting them know about a fun food holiday, too.

If you’d like to make some, too, check out this tutorial by Sandra Denneler. (She comes up with the most creative mail pieces!) 

On a side note, if you’re wanting to celebrate, I recommend these grape popsicles. I’ve already bought our box for next week and have even eaten one without the kids around. (Shhh!) They have the best flavor and don’t melt too quickly like typical popsicles that are mostly water.


Happy National Grape Popsicle Day, everyone!