CARDS for CANCER – meet Emory

Happy Friday, everyone!

If you’ve been following the blog or seen our Facebook posts or our Instagram feed, you know that we’re in the middle of a campaign called CARDS for CANCER. During February, The Little Red Flag is selling special notecard sets that honor people whose lives have been affected by cancer. At the end of the month, 100% of profits are being donated directly to the family of a friend who is suffering from cancer right now.

Meet Emory Taylor.


Cancer was a word all too familiar to Emory. He had cared for and lost, amongst others, his wife, daughter, and grandson to various forms of the disease. With incredible dignity and grace, Emory fought the good fight against lung cancer in his own body until his death in May of 2016. However, his faith and love have left a legacy that is alive and thriving in his family that he loved so well.

This is the card we designed for Emory. A business-sized, flat, 2-sided notecard with ample amounts of light blue and crimson red. These cards come with light blue envelopes. You can find them here in The Little Red Flag’s Etsy shop.  Purchase them for yourself or as a gift. And know that you’re not only showing support for Emory’s family, but also financially supporting another cancer patient.


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Cards for Cancer

Today is the day!

Today The Little Red Flag unveils our Cards for Cancer campaign. We are revealing some special cards inspired by some very special people. February is National Cancer Prevention Month, and we have created three new cards for three people who have braved their own battle with cancer. All of the profits from these cards will be donated to the family of someone currently undergoing cancer treatments who is in need.

We will be selling all three cards the entire month of February. You can find them here. We will also share their stories intermittently throughout the month.

Right now I’d like to introduce you to Donald Brorsen.


Donald was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer (with mets to his liver and lungs) in June of 2012. He had no warning signs or symptoms. He began chemotherapy (and ran a half marathon during treatment and continued his work as a federal agent ) and fought against the disease until he died July 27, 2014.

This is the card we have created in honor of Donald. Purple and paisley were two of his favorite things, so we have incorporated both of them. You can find them here in The Little Red Flag’s Etsy shop.  Purchase them for yourself or as a gift. And know that you’re not only showing support for Donald’s family, but also financially supporting another cancer patient.


I’ll see you all back here for more stories and cards during February.

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Why Cancer Matters to TLRF

Today – February 1st – is the first day of National Cancer Prevention Month. According to the National Cancer Society, about half of all men and one-third of all women in the United States will develop cancer during their lifetimes.

Why does this matter to The Little Red Flag? Glad you asked. More on that in a minute.

In the meantime, check out how much hair my daughter and I cut off last weekend. I grow my hair out and get it cut off every couple years to donate. This year, my daughter was able to join me.





There are several organizations that accept donated hair to make wigs. I personally prefer to donate to an organization that only makes wigs for cancer patients, so we are sending out hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.  They work directly with the American Cancer Society to make and distribute wigs. If you’re considering growing your hair out to donate, I recommend sending it to Pantene.

So here’s where my personal concern for cancer and The Little Red Flag intersect. During February, the blog and store will be featuring stories of people affected by cancer and products inspired by them. Whether it’s a color, a pattern, or an interest, these favorite things reflect the personality of the people who influenced these stationery sets. All profits from these sets will be donated directly toward the family of a cancer patient to be chosen later this month.

If you haven’t visited the Etsy store yet, you can check it out here. This is where these special sets will be sold this month. You won’t find them here yet.  They’re coming soon; I promise!

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