Birthday Pretties

I love pretty things!

So when my youngest turned one last month, I wanted a very pretty invitation for her birthday. If any of you are crafty and in need of inspiration, maybe this will add a little spark for you. Making invitations can be a very easy thing, and if you can’t find exactly what you want already made, consider creating a custom invitation.

I actually searched Pinterest first, which turned up more ideas than I even knew what to do with, but I love what happened when I combined a few favorite Pinterest ideas and did a few things of my own.


The party colors were perfect for something pretty. Delicate pink. Sophisticated gold. And the tiniest touches of light turquoise.


It’s fairly simple to print the text onto cardstock. I used a solid gold washi tape on the bottom of the invitation and made a sleeve to go around it with an intricate white and gold pattern.

I loved the intricate design on this gold and white paper. It made the perfect sleeve around the invitation.

The envelopes were a little darker than I wanted, but I was at the mercy of what my craft store carried at the time. The closest store that had the light pink I wanted was about 45 minutes away – eek! I used wedding seals, heart washi tape, and ice cream stamps. Just enough fun stuff on the envelopes to make it a great find in the mailbox.


Because I love all things paper, I also made the banners for the birthday party, including a mini banner for her high chair. Here are a few other pics of the color scheme. (Yes, the wreath is made from paper strips. It turned out pretty cool!)


It was so much fun to put the party together, especially the invitations!

So, what do you think? Have you ever made your own custom invitations?




Coffee Postcard

A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of guest blogging over at Middle Places. (They are awesomely inspirational; I highly recommend you check out the vastness of their blog.) I showed everyone my re-creation of Sandra Denneler’s cake postcards.


It was a fun project and a fun post. I loved it!

But I had three friends with birthdays on the same day, and the sponge for the project only made two cake slices.

Enter my creative side.

It’s not often that I create something cool like this on my own. I’m really good at following tutorials for projects, but devising them myself just isn’t my forte (yet). But I was feeling so inspired by Sandra, and I needed another cool, 3D birthday postcard to send to my friend.

This friend just happens to be a Starbucks lover. Two summers ago, when she and I still lived in the same city, we went to Starbucks with some other girlfriends once a week. And that tradition kind of carried over into the fall and winter, too. It was great!

And that makes this Starbucks coffee postcard the perfect 3D birthday postcard for her!


If you’ve seen Sandra’s cake postcard tutorial, you’ll find this similar in a few ways.

1) Gather Supplies. I always advocate for getting everything ready ahead of time. It just makes creating the project so much easier when everything is within arm’s reach.

2) Cut the cup in half, and cut a pool noodle to fit the inside of your half-cup.



3) Glue the pool noodle into the cup. Trim as needed. Place the cup face down onto the back side of the cardstock and trace the cup to make the postcard. Set the postcard aside.



4) Fill all the empty space with caulk. I wanted to use tan caulk for the coffee (the same tan caulk that was used for chocolate icing on the cake), but I didn’t have enough for the entire cup. I had a lot of white caulk, so I used that on the bottom part that wouldn’t be seen.


5) Smooth out the caulk and make it level with the sides of the cup. This is an important step because you don’t want any empty space inside the cup. Add a dollop of white caulk for whipped cream if you’d like.


6) Let dry. It took this cup four days to dry well enough for me to feel comfortable moving on with the process. It’s a LOT of caulk, so it will take a long time to dry.

7) Once the caulk is completely dry, glue the postcard onto the back.



8) Add a note, address and postage. This cost about $3 to mail. Shipping costs can vary, so take yours to your local post office for accurate pricing.


9) Delight a friend with a 3D coffee postcard!

Do you know a coffee lover in your life who would be excited to find this in their mailbox? Try it and let me know how it turns out!

Pretty Thank-Yous

My birthday was a few weeks ago. I turned 30 – yay! 

My sister-in-law made me the world’s largest (and most awesome) birthday postcard! And here’s the best part … it was hand-delivered by my brother, their two sons, and my mom.

Seriously. Best birthday ever!


Some people despise the impending doom of turning thirty … which is one of the main reasons I decided to embrace it. I have friends who have been told that they probably will not make it to thirty. So while thirty may make some people feel disappointed, I use it as a reason to celebrate life.

And my family and friends helped me celebrate, as well! I have some pretty darn amazing friends and family members who loved on me all during the month of April.

You know those April showers we always hear about? Yeah, my April showers were showers of love from everyone.

Today I am sending out my appreciation. These handmade envelopes and cards were fun and therapeutic to make.


And they’re pretty! I kept the card fairly basic since the envelope was so busy.


For these envelopes, I used the small template found in this post and made them out of scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. My three-year old picked out the coordinating cardstock for cards. (You can’t tell in the pictures, but it’s a perfect match. She did an awesome job!)

Handwritten letters and notes are becoming a thing of the past. If it’s been a while since you’ve hand-written a note, consider writing one to somebody today. Instead of texting or calling to say “thank you,” write a short note.


If you don’t feel up to designing and hand-crafting your own A2 envelope and bazzill-cardstock notecard with custom lettering and embellishments (I mean, who has time for that, right?!), just grab some stationery from the store to write your note. Honestly. I have plenty of that on hand, too, for the times when I don’t have enough time or energy for a full-blown craft explosion in my living room.

I promise you that the person who receives your note will be glad you did!


First Birthday Package

My birthday is this month. Woohoo! It’s actually at the end of the month, so I have to wait another few weeks before I can officially celebrate.

But my awesome friend, Amanda, sent me a little something early.
And check out how she mailed it . . .








Isn’t this great?! I am so excited to get mail of any kind, but when it’s birthday mail in fun packaging, it’s even better! I will definitely be mailing something in a Ziploc bag soon.

Mail Tip: You should always tell your post office when you’re mailing something liquid, flammable, perishable or potentially hazardous. The employee at Amanda’s post office told her that the small amount in this nail polish would be okay, but you should always tell them.