Mail carrier spring gifts

A couple summers ago, I brought you a collection of gifts for your mail carrier. That post continues to be the most popular  thing here at The Little Red Flag. But you don’t always want to give them frozen bottled water, so I’m back with more gift ideas for them this spring!

There’s never a bad time to give your mail carrier a gift. In spring, they’re dealing with all kinds of allergens with their windows constantly rolled down. Not to mention all the spring rains. And bees. Bees! (That alone is one reason I wouldn’t want to be a mail carrier!)

I hope you enjoy this list.

Insect repellant

Yep! Help protect your mail carrier with insect repellent. Their vehicles are subject to anything that can crawl, fly, or slither their way in. Not to mention carriers get out of their vehicles to deliver packages. These handy packets are super affordable. You could also give them some hydrocortisone cream in case they do get an insect bite.


If you know someone with allergies, then you know they probably keep a supply of anti-histamines nearby. To-go packets like these are an excellent thing to leave in your mailbox for your carrier.

Poncho or umbrella

For all those rainy, spring days. Some mail carriers deliver entirely on foot! Imagine how they feel. I found this one on Amazon.

Sort Kwik

If you’ve never used this stuff, you’re missing out. It was one of my favorite tools when I worked office jobs, so I started using it at home, too. It helps you grab papers, and it’s better than licking your fingers. (Yuck!)


It’s spring, not summer, so most people can probably leave a little chocolate for the mail carrier. Candy is an inexpensive way to show appreciation for all they do. Think spring with Peeps, robin eggs, jelly beans, or anything pastel colored.

Meat & cheese

This can be tricky. You can always buy meat and cheese sticks that don’t have to be refrigerated like I did. These combo packs are less than $1 in my area. But if you want to do something from a deli, be sure to put it in the mailbox as close to mail delivery time as possible. And put it in a bag/box with an ice pack so it keeps the food cool while your carrier keeps making deliveries.

Happy Spring!


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