CARDS for CANCER – meet Emory

Happy Friday, everyone!

If you’ve been following the blog or seen our Facebook posts or our Instagram feed, you know that we’re in the middle of a campaign called CARDS for CANCER. During February, The Little Red Flag is selling special notecard sets that honor people whose lives have been affected by cancer. At the end of the month, 100% of profits are being donated directly to the family of a friend who is suffering from cancer right now.

Meet Emory Taylor.


Cancer was a word all too familiar to Emory. He had cared for and lost, amongst others, his wife, daughter, and grandson to various forms of the disease. With incredible dignity and grace, Emory fought the good fight against lung cancer in his own body until his death in May of 2016. However, his faith and love have left a legacy that is alive and thriving in his family that he loved so well.

This is the card we designed for Emory. A business-sized, flat, 2-sided notecard with ample amounts of light blue and crimson red. These cards come with light blue envelopes. You can find them here in The Little Red Flag’s Etsy shop.  Purchase them for yourself or as a gift. And know that you’re not only showing support for Emory’s family, but also financially supporting another cancer patient.


Please be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to see the story of our third honoree this month. Plus, come back for giveaways, helpful resources, and more!

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