Birthday Pretties

I love pretty things!

So when my youngest turned one last month, I wanted a very pretty invitation for her birthday. If any of you are crafty and in need of inspiration, maybe this will add a little spark for you. Making invitations can be a very easy thing, and if you can’t find exactly what you want already made, consider creating a custom invitation.

I actually searched Pinterest first, which turned up more ideas than I even knew what to do with, but I love what happened when I combined a few favorite Pinterest ideas and did a few things of my own.


The party colors were perfect for something pretty. Delicate pink. Sophisticated gold. And the tiniest touches of light turquoise.


It’s fairly simple to print the text onto cardstock. I used a solid gold washi tape on the bottom of the invitation and made a sleeve to go around it with an intricate white and gold pattern.

I loved the intricate design on this gold and white paper. It made the perfect sleeve around the invitation.

The envelopes were a little darker than I wanted, but I was at the mercy of what my craft store carried at the time. The closest store that had the light pink I wanted was about 45 minutes away – eek! I used wedding seals, heart washi tape, and ice cream stamps. Just enough fun stuff on the envelopes to make it a great find in the mailbox.


Because I love all things paper, I also made the banners for the birthday party, including a mini banner for her high chair. Here are a few other pics of the color scheme. (Yes, the wreath is made from paper strips. It turned out pretty cool!)


It was so much fun to put the party together, especially the invitations!

So, what do you think? Have you ever made your own custom invitations?



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