Free tracking on USPS packages!

Learn this trick to getting free tracking at the post office.

If you’re anything like me, you like something free.

Free things from the USPS are rare, if not nonexistent, so I was super excited to discover free tracking on first class packages last year. It’s a nice thing to know before holiday shipping begins!

Now, hear me on this … I don’t think they are broadcasting that it’s free. If you do like I did and go into the post office and ask for the free tracking, they might tell you “No, there is no free tracking” then print a receipt with tracking numbers. But that’s okay. I’ll tell you their little secret.

Tracking numbers are highlighted. This tracking was not paid for but is included in first class packages.

When you go to the post office to ship, choose first class shipping to automatically receive the free tracking. (Priority has included tracking for a while; it’s new to first class.) It will print the tracking number on the receipt.

Tracking is now included on first class packages!

A few things to remember:

  • You cannot purchase first class shipping online, so it must be done on site at the post office.
  • First class mail has certain restrictions, like the maximum weight of 13 ounces (that will be changing soon, though). Click here to learn more about first class mail.
Official tracking that was not paid for.

Have you ever noticed the free tracking on your packages?
Have you ever paid for tracking having not realized that it is free?

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