On sugar and worms …

I love me some sugar. And I love me some worms, too, but today I’m writing about the sugar-variety and not the kind that roam the dirt.

I’ve recently been reading this book about some healthy eating recommendations. (They make so much sense, and I highly recommend the book.) One of the recommendations is cutting out sugars and artificial sweeteners and using other sweeteners instead.

So I’ve recently started using this stevia blend in our home. I really like the stuff, and when we used up the first container, I saved it.


I mean – it’s just so perfect for mailing. It’s sturdy and clear with that awesome purple, flip-top lid. Yes!


When I started brainstorming something to mail inside it, I wanted something colorful. Well, I have a mega-size bag of gummy worms left over from our birth announcements, and I need to get rid of them. Those worms are seriously cool-looking. “Those would look fantastic,” I thought.


And I was right!


I added some Halloween stickers, and these are going out to our pediatrician’s office and a former coworker to leave on her desk.

Because of the size of the containers, I’m adding a small postage sticker from the post office instead of using stamps which would take up more space. I can’t wait until everybody receives their worms!


What other clever containers would be great for mailing?
I’ve got some ideas and can’t wait to share more with you!

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