When summer isn’t long enough

Aaahhhh, it’s that time of year when the temperatures start dropping.

I grew up in the deep South. I love the summer heat! I always hated it when summer was over, and it was always over too soon.

But now that I live in Kentucky, I’ve gained an appreciation for fall, and I love the cooler weather and how easy it is to enjoy outdoor activities (read: be outside without sweating). I’m finding more things to do outdoors with the kids once it gets a little chilly.


With that in mind, I’m sending the sons of one of my Alabama friends a frisbee. Fall is an awesome time for frisbee, especially when you’re a toddler and triple-degree temps is all you get in the summer.


If you’ve never mailed a frisbee, now is your chance!

Seriously. Frisbees are cheap. And mailing them is cheap, too. Just write the addresses on the frisbee itself. I guarantee you that whoever receives a frisbee in the mailbox – adult and child alike – will be surprised and excited to get their mail that day.


Mail tip: When writing an address directly onto plastic, add clear packaging tape over the recipients’ address to make sure it doesn’t rub off.

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