Gift Bag Envelope

I’m finally back to sending mail! It’s been a long 2+ months of just enjoying my new baby, and I’m excited to share what new things I’ve been doing and have planned.

Last week I sent out some late back-to-school packages to kids I love. I don’t think I know a kid who refuses Smarties, so they seemed quite the appropriate gift for my clever young friends.


Check out this awesome gift-bag-turned-envelope! I started doing this one day when I had no large envelopes but did have a plethora of gift bags. I mean … I have a lot of them. If you want to do the same, just cut off the handles (or tuck them inside), insert contents, and tape up the end and sides. Be sure to tape the bottom of the bag to secure it.

It’s way more fun than a regular envelope, and when you find gift bags on clearance at Target and buy them all because you’re sure you’ll find a reason to use them, this is a great use for them.


Speaking of Target, this is my favorite new find! I love chevron, and this 2-pack was only $1. Woohoo!


Did you send any back-to-school mail to anyone?

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