Share a Coke Across the Miles

I recently found my name on a Coke bottle!


(Side note: this has got to be one of the best marketing campaigns ever! Kudos to the brain behind that one.)

I searched all last summer with no luck. None of my friends even saw it. Then twice in one week I found both my name and my nickname on bottles. What are the odds?!

Strangely, it wasn’t as exciting as I had expected it to be. It was like an open-ended friendship with nobody on the other side. “Share a Coke with … Leslie.” But I was drinking it all alone.

And I felt very lonely.

But then I had an idea. As fun as it is to find Coke bottles with friends’ names on it and send them pics of me while drinking said Coke, I figured it would be even more fun to send them some mail. I mean, that’s what I DO, right?

And so I give you …


I also used this opportunity to try out some new washi tape I found. Added some labels and stamps, and the fun outgoing mail was done. I think it’s quite a fun way to use the Coke labels. (Can this count as upcycling?) I sure would’ve loved it IF someone would have found my name and used it as a label. But I’ll probably never see my name again now that I’ve seen it twice in one week. Haha!


So, will you do it?

Who do you know that would love to get some mail and see their name on a Coke label, too?

3 thoughts on “Share a Coke Across the Miles

    1. I’ve checked their website for your name both summers, and they don’t offer it [yet]. But you can still follow their tour and get a couple cans with your name! Or order the 6-pack of bottles. Or grab a Samantha if you see it. 😉


      1. Oh cool! I didn’t know you could do all that. I’ll check into it. I’ve seen Samantha and considered it but didn’t get it. Haven’t seen it since lol. Thanks!


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