Friday Favorites

Upcycling Wrapping Paper for Envelopes

I love me some pretty packages.

And brown paper packages tied up with string are cool and all, but I recently received birthday presents in such pretty paper that I just had to repurpose that wrapping paper into envelopes.


I used both my large and small templates (which you can find here) to create envelopes out of this pretty paper. I avoided holes and tape marks, and I got several nice envelopes out of them.


WrappingPaperEnvelopesThis is a great way to upcycle wrapping paper that doesn’t get torn to shreds during the gift-opening process.

Being green can actually be pretty and fun!


7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. This is such a nifty idea. When we ran out of envelopes at the holiday for our card for each other, I had the construction paper. Not quite so pretty but worked in a pinch. i like the idea of using magazines as well as the wrap paper idea. I am glad I found your site thru the Reader here, I have a birthday card to whip up next week> yay for recycling!


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