Friday Favorites

Mail Carrier Gifts – summer edition

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” It’s not an official creed of the USPS, but in my experience, our mail carriers do a mighty good job delivering our mail.

We had two heavy snows this winter, and despite our road not even getting plowed, our carrier got our mail to us as soon as possible.

Our mailbox area tends to get flooded thanks to some shoddy work by our builders. Mail still gets delivered, even if the water has to be stepped in.

We also live on a huge hill, and sometimes our carrier has to bring large packages up the hill, then climb an additional eleven steps to our door.

Not to mention that this time of year, it gets hot out there! I am an Alabama transplant to Kentucky. If my Kentuckian friends think it gets hot here, you should know that I hail from an area that sees triple-digit degree days regularly in the summer. And that’s not even the hottest part of the country!

Clearly, our mail carrier deserves gifts! And I bet yours does, too. 


Frozen water bottles


See this? It cost me a whopping $2. I can give our carrier a frozen water bottle every week all summer long. Here’s to staying hydrated! You can also leave them a mini cooler full of ice so they can chill their once-cold drinks now gone warm.


Frozen fruit 

Who doesn’t love a frozen fruit treat during the hot summer months? If your carrier knows you and trusts you, you can probably put frozen fruit in freezer bags and set in the mailbox for them. If you don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable with home-prepared frozen fruits, you can buy a bag of frozen fruit for them.


Alternatively, check out this idea from HealthEasy for freezing watermelon into cubes. Not only a great treat for your carrier, but also a nice addition to your own summer! Just cut watermelon into cubes, space out on a sheet of waxed paper, freeze, and bag them up.


Cooling towel

I grew up on a ranch and worked many summers on my grandparents’ farm. My grandmother used to have some handkerchief-design neck towels that I loved. She would wet them and put them in the fridge or freezer, and my brother and I would wear them around our necks as we worked outside. It was a fantastic way to keep cool! I found this similar towel at the Dollar Tree. I hope it works as well as the ones did when I was a kid.


Hand wipes/lotion

Mail is nasty. Seriously. You might never know it by the mail in your own mailbox every day, but I worked in a mail room for two years, and one of my least favorite aspects of sorting mail was how dirty it was. I often felt like I couldn’t wash my hands often enough. My fingers would be black at the end of every sort. Not only do mail carriers handle mail, though. They also touch countless mail boxes, flags, animals and insects, dirt, doorbells, and who knows what else. Hand wipes are a must! These are the moisturizing antibacterial kind.


Non-melting candy

Gum, Mike & Ike, Bottle Caps, Air Heads, Laffy Taffy, Skittles, Starburst … whatever floats your boat. And even though m&m’s are supposed to melt in your mouth and not your hands, I don’t recommend using them in the hot months. They may not melt in the box, but the insides of the candies will be too warm and messy for your carrier.


Which one of these are you most likely to give to your carrier?

I must give a hearty thank-you to my friend Mendi who has not only been a giver of gifts to her mail carriers since she was a child, but also married a USPS employee. Mendi has given me many tips for mail carrier gifts in all seasons. I’m looking forward to sharing more of her tips with you in the future. 

Side note: any of these would also make great gifts for your trash management providers!

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