Friday Favorites – address books

I am sure that, as a whole, address books are becoming a thing of the past. Contact records are now kept in people’s phones or email accounts or are simply not kept at all.

Sending a note to a friend? Just text and ask for their address.

Need to mail invitations for a party? Nah … just hand them out at the next get-together.

I keep an address book mainly because it is one consistent place for me to keep everyone’s contact information. That being said, I only keep addresses in it. Phone numbers go in my phone, and birthdays go on the calendar. Addresses go in the address book. 

I also keep the book because it feels nostalgic to me. There’s something fun about flipping open the book to the page with your [hopefully current] address on it. It makes me feel like an adult. It makes me feel a tiny bit like my grandmother who I can remember sitting at her dining room table writing letters.

So, a while back, I decided to get a new address book. I’d recklessly used ink in my old book. Little did I know that my friends and family would move so much and that I should be using pencil. After months of perusing and poring over different styles and designs, I finally settled on this amazing Norman Rockwell book. (The one on top of it is my old one.)


It’s not femininely pretty, which is what I was originally wanting, but I love it! It’s spiral-bound, with a protected binding. It has plenty of space for adding information. And it has over forty full-color Rockwell images. Since I won’t be owning one of his $5k lithographs any time soon, this book is a great way for me to enjoy his works.


Yes, I know there’a pen in the picture. Don’t use pen in your address book! The fifth time your best friend moves and you find yourself out of room in that alphabet letter, you’ll wish you’d used pencil all along.

I’m a little sad to get rid of my old book. I loved the 3D cover leaves. And the pocket inside the book was nice for holding address labels and stamps.


In case you’re in the market, you can find the Norman Rockwell address book on Amazon here.

Below are some other designs worth considering. If these designs don’t suit you, the companies they represent have many more options.

Lang has this pink butterfly and other genuinely beautiful books on their site. This one is ring-bound and has the option of refill pages:


Erin Condren has a truly unique address book, and I wish I would have found it sooner. All of their books are customizable and include a pocket, zippered pouch and labels:


Franklin Planner, a division of Franklin Covey, not only has address pages for your regular planner, but they also have separate address books. This one – called the Little Book of Addresses – really is a little book. It measures a mere 5″ x 3.75″ for those who prefer something small:


Barnes & Noble is carrying this Vera Bradley address book. It has the very iconic VB look and has a great magnetic closure:


The Delicate Utility on etsy has this genuine leather address book for sale. If you’re into awesome leather journals, be sure to check out their entire collection of products. I guarantee you’ll find more than one that you’ll fall in love with:


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