Friday Favorites – All Things Sharpies with giveaway!

Yes, I know it’s Saturday. I had a little bit of trouble getting this ready for yesterday, so we’ll just pretend it’s still Friday for a bit.

Let’s talk about Sharpies for a minute.

And if you read to the end, I have a giveaway for you!

This is my collection.


I’m sure some people will see that and think I’ve lost my mind. Others might see it and think I need more.

I really enjoy using Sharpies to decorate envelopes and packages. With a variety of colors, tips, and mediums, they’re the perfect all-around writing and drawing utensil.

Although the company was originally founded to manufacturer ink and glue, the iconic Sharpie marker was introduced in 1964 and has been going strong ever since. Over the past five decades, the company has introduced at least 30 colors and over 50 different products including DVD markers, counterfeit detectors, laundry markers, and peel-off china markers.

So these are the fine point markers, what I consider the original.


And these are the ultra fine ones. They write much like a pen but still have ink like a marker, so I advise not using them on thin papers.


If unique colors are more your thing, you might like their metallic options. I have both the markers and the paint pens. Love!

SharpieMetallic SharpiePaintMarkerSharpieMetallic2

I also like the twin tip because I can get the best of both worlds with just one marker. I usually have one of these in my purse at all times.


I even have a mini Sharpie. It used to be on a keychain but had to be removed since a certain little toddler kept taking it off and using it as a personal creation tool. 🙂


But THESE ……

These are my favorites.

The Sharpie pen.


Behold the pen that I have to keep buying because they mysteriously disappear when people borrow them and discover how great they are.


You really have to try these for yourself to really understand how awesome they are. Which is why I’m giving one away to two of my readers.

YEP – it’s giveaway time!!!

Two readers will each win one Sharpie pen, courtesy of yours truly. And of course, they will arrive in fun mail containers to boot!

Click the link below to go to the giveaway. If you have trouble loading the giveaway, try opening this page in a different browser.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

20 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – All Things Sharpies with giveaway!

  1. I love sharpies. I think they make crafts look complete! I did not know there were so many varieties though – even ones that write like pens! Thanks for the giveaway!


  2. Okay, I have to say I love your blog. Are you sure we aren’t twins? I’m slightly obsessed with mail, especially super cute mail! Oh and I love Sharpies! 🙂


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