Minions in the Mailbox

I’m mailing something cute today!

Do we have any Despicable Me fans out there?

I saw these Minion Peeps at Kroger a while ago and couldn’t resist purchasing a package. While we like Peeps here in our home, I knew these had to be a gift, and I knew the perfect person to receive them.

2015-05-04 15.04.52

So I added address labels and stamps on the back. I even did the recipients a favor and used the labels to cover the nutritional information. (Because when you have something as fun as Minion Peeps, are you really going to look at the sugar content?)

2015-05-04 15.05.37
It’s as easy as that … somebody has Minion Peeps on the way to their mailbox!

Just as a side note, I don’t think these are sold in stores anymore. However, Peeps does have some cool-looking Jurassic Park eggs out now, as well as some lemonade ones. Any Peeps package would be okay to ship. Just be careful not to get the chocolate-dipped ones if you’ll be shipping to areas with warmer temperatures.

7 thoughts on “Minions in the Mailbox

    1. You might check your local stores anyway. I did see some at a Walmart after Kroger had quit carrying them for a couple months. They may be in different regions at different times. I’ve also seen them on Amazon, though they are more expensive there.


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