Friday Favorites – magazines (free printable!)


I have a freebie for you today!

For all the mail I send out, one of the best things I do is make custom envelopes. While I can use many different things to make envelopes, one of the best resources I have is old magazines.

And one of my favorites is Real Simple.



Issues have several pages worthy of making an envelope, and the pages are large enough to accommodate a variety of envelope sizes.


If you want to play around and make some envelopes for yourself, check out this envelope template I use. (I recommend cutting it out onto thick cardstock so that it won’t bend and get misshapen.)

National Geographic is another favorite for envelopes.


Their long-loved photography makes for amazing mail, and although the pages are smaller than most magazines, they are still usable for a small envelope.


To get the small envelope template, click here.

Just look at these finished envelopes. Who wouldn’t want one of these? Send a note to someone special in a custom envelope. It’s an easy process with big impact!


Both envelope templates include step-by-step instructions on how to create custom envelopes. Once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are endless!

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