Downy Unstoppables Mail

You’ve all seen these, right? Nice product, nice container.


Seriously, this lid is so neat. The bottle is clear once you remove the black label. It’s a perfect mail container.

I recently bought a bag of Starbursts for $.25 – yay for a great deal! It had a plethora of yellows which aren’t my favorite, so I’m sending some out to a friend who loves them. I figured I could showcase them quite nicely in a clear bottle, and with the color of this lid, it was a great match!


I wrote a note and rolled it up. Added leftover Easter grass, confetti, and candy, and voila!

DownyFilled2 DownyTopView DownyFilled

Addresses and stamps adhere directly to the bottle.

And there it is! I added a little tape to make sure the pop-off lid stays on and sent it on its way. Hope my friend loves what she finds in her mailbox!

Mail Tip: If you want to reuse a plastic container that has previously been home to a strong smelling substance like this, be sure to wash and rinse it in cold water. Using hot water can actually cause the container to retain the smell.



9 thoughts on “Downy Unstoppables Mail

  1. How creative! I never would have thought that. One thing I do is when my candles are done I clean the glass/lid out and I use them to store gifts for holidays. Last year I decorated them and used them to hold cookies that I gave away to some friends.


  2. Such a creative way to mail a happy that I never would have thought of! Thank you for sharing the tip about rinsing in with cold water! I didn’t know that trick. Can’t wait to mail a cute happy!


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