Friday Favorites – USPS stamps

I’m not a stamp collector. Or even a real enthusiast, per se. I don’t know their history or which ones are rare.

But I do enjoy using fun stamps more than regular ones. One of my favorite things about mail is the stamps I put on envelopes and packages.

These are some of my recent favorites. I have crazy dreams when I’m pregnant. One night, I dreamed that I found Batman as a squatter in our attic and that he and I became friends. While this would be super creepy in real life, it was cool in my dream. The next day I went to the post office to ship stuff out. I saw these and couldn’t pass them up. I especially like the circle ones, and I even cut off the side panel to add to a card.


These are some that I want to buy. I love the idea of the big circus, even if some of their practices are debated.


And these songbirds. I also want these because they remind me of my grandparents. My granddad could name every bird in his yard by the song it sang.


Seriously, the USPS has such a huge variety of stamps. Nature, history, people, entertainment. Just take a look at some of their offerings below and get some the next time you hit up the post office. Also, check out the round stamps at the very end.

Mail Tip: If you can’t find the stamps you’re looking for at your local post office, try online at You can also look for older or sold out stamps on eBay, though you may pay a higher price there.

StampsCivilWar StampsCivilWarB StampsCivilWarC StampsCivilWarD Stamps1812 Stamps1812B Stamps1812CStampsWilt StampsBlackHeritage StampsChisholm StampsDavisPiaf StampsHarvey StampsHendrix StampsHeston StampsJohnnyCash StampsJoplin StampsMaya StampsMendoza StampsRayCharlesStampsChefsStampsWeddingStampsCherryBlossomStampsFernsStampsForgetMeNotStampsLilyStampsTulipStampsMarketStampsScoutingStampsSnakeStampsRamStampsWaveStampsWestVAStampsNevadaStampsMillStampsButterflyStampsCelebrateStampsEmancipationStampsFromMeToYouStampsHeartStampsHarryPotterStampsInt'l1StampsInt'l2


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – USPS stamps

  1. okay seriously….I love it. I send snail mail a lot…just little notes of encouragement. I have never paid much attention to the stamps but all that variety makes me want to go hunt down some fun stamps!


    1. You totally should! All post offices don’t carry the same variety for the same length of time. A lot of times mine will be sold out before I can get to them, and they don’t get any more shipments. But if you live near multiple locations, you can try several, or look online. 🙂


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