Weekend Outgoing

If you send out cards, letters, bills, packages, Netflix, or basically anything with a stamp, it is SO easy to make it a little more fun.

Today, I bring you two pieces I mailed out last weekend. One was a birthday card. The other was for an eBay buyer. (Yes, even my eBay buyers will get fun envelopes sometimes.)

Why dress up envelopes? Well, why not do it? It makes any envelope more fun to receive. And let’s be honest, we all get too much plain white mail. We all have enough everyday mundane in our lives. Let’s make somebody smile when they open their mailbox.



So, they’re plain envelopes, but by adding some fun lines, polka dots and stickers, they look all jazzed up. You can also use unique stamps instead of the traditional bell or flag. I was a little picky about making sure the lines on these were all equally spaced. I measured them out with a ruler. I didn’t want to spend as much time on the one for the eBay buyer, so those lines are farther apart than the ones on the birthday card.


Mail Tip: Make sure any envelope decorations don’t interfere with the post office’s ability to read your address. On the blue envelope, I was able to write the address directly over the design because the design is thin lines and the address is written in marker. However, on the yellow envelope, because the lines are both thin and thick and are vertical like many letters, I needed to use a label.


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