Friday Favorites – all my envelopes

It’s Friday! And I think Fridays should be fun, so on Fridays I’ll be showing you a few of my favorite things. Friday Faves!

By nature, I’m an outdoors lover. If it’s warm outside, I’d much rather be out there than in here sitting at my computer. Or making mail supplies.

Which is why I tend to make lots of envelopes in the cold months and stock them up so I can spend more time outside when the weather is nice.

So today I present to you one of my favorite things – my envelope stash! These definitely aren’t all of them, and I don’t have cards pre-made for all of them yet. But these are a lot of what I’ve been working on over the last few months.


I have so many more I want to make and have yet to do. Now that it’s warming up outside, I doubt I’ll be spending much time inside making more envelopes unless it’s raining a lot.

Until then, I have these to enjoy!


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