Fun Gum

Thanks for stopping by to see what fun mail I’m sending out today! This is the official first post on the blog, and I’m excited to share my fun mail with you. I hope you’ll find what I do inspiring and send some fun mail of your own.

I LOVE mail.

And I love FUN mail!

And I love to send fun mail even more than receive it. (Receiving is nice, though, so feel free to send some my way.)

Today I’m sending some fun gum to someone. Have you seen those 3-packs of gum in the candy aisle? Trident, Extra, Orbit, Juicy Fruit, etc. I think every brand has a 3-pack now. Did you know you can mail them just as they are? Yep. Just add your address labels and stamps, and pop it in the mailbox. Or take it to the post office to make sure you have enough postage on it. This pack of Orbit needs $2.50 in postage, so I’ve got a mixture of stamps on it. No doubt the recipient will smile to find such a surprise in their mailbox.


Mail Tip: Tape down loose flaps on food packaging to ensure they don’t get caught in postage machines. Also, be careful not to mail gum when it’s too hot outside.

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